Heavy Duty Parallel Connectors

Heavy Duty Parallel Connectors

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Model 2PT - Parallel Tap with 5/16" Hex Socket Set Screws

Model 2PTH - Parallel Tap with Hex Head Screws

  • 2PTH 250 & 350 size with 9/16" Hex Head Main & Tap
  • 2PTH 500, 750, & 1000 size have 3/4" Hex Head Main & Tap
  • Tap Screws above 250 KCM have disc pressure pads
  • Tap Screws 250 size and smaller have flat bottom screws
  • Clamping force/inch conductor is approximate value at recommended torque applied by the screws or pressure pad
  • The double screws per conductor provides two current paths, each with the Clamping Force/Inch Conductor shown in chart