Empowering the Power Industry with Quality Connectors

At Alcon Connectors, we take pride in being the leading manufacturer of high-quality overhead and underground distribution utility connectors. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we serve the power industry by providing a diverse range of reliable connector solutions.

Our Range of Products

All our products are meticulously crafted to meet industry standards and ensure optimal performance in power distribution applications.

  • Aluminum Pedestal Connectors & Covers
  • Insulated Connectors
  • Splicers
  • Lugs
  • Hot Line Clamps
  • Stirrup Clamps
  • Parallel Tap Connectors
  • Stud Terminals
  • Heavy Duty Service Connectors

American Craftsmanship

Our manufacturing facility is nestled near Cincinnati, OH, symbolizing our commitment to American craftsmanship. Every component of our connectors is proudly made in the USA, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our Commitment to Customization

Can't find the precise connector you require? We specialize in crafting custom connectors tailored to your unique specifications. Our team is dedicated to meeting your specific needs and ensuring your project's success.

Alcon Connectors, Amelia, OH.